Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Thoughts

I've realized that my life is patterned. There are particular things that I do on a regular basis; daily, weekly etc. There are people I interact with and people that I miss. There are places that I go, food that I eat and shows that I watch... or not. I decide each day to do these things though it seems to me that not all of those things are enjoyable. - And so I find myself in a redundant and painful circle of thought that has been reoccuring for several years. This is not a daily thing but more of a life pattern. I decide that I'm not happy with myself or my habbits and so I set out to change. "Day one" I say to myself... I think I have counted that about 23 times in my journals over the last 4 years.

Any way, I didn't like my other blog. It was too self centered, and was begun in a time of life when I was very wounded. My wounds have healed and I am able to think outside the proverbial box that I sit in every day. Oddly enough this is the space in which I am able to find the strength and guidance to move forward in Christ and life.

It's nice to be here.

Excuse me while I roll up my sleves...