Sunday, January 6, 2013

Again For The First Time

Friday nights are "movie night" at our house. We really like to watch movies together. My boys like watching movies with me because nearly every movie I watch is like watching it for the first time. I say it's my "secret super power". Really it's my secret way to down play how awful my memory is and how embarrassed I feel about it.

I have a friend who tells great stories. He can tell me those stories over and over and I'm as intrigued the 5th time he tells the story as I was the first time he told it. When people say, "Remember that scene on that movie...?" I don't ever know what they are talking about. Remembering conversations, details and music... all of it is very difficult. In fact very recently my awful memory caused us to pay rent late.

I hope that, with my new focus on my health, this will change. I don't know if it will, but I'm hopeful.

I'm just glad that I remembered to make this post.