Monday, April 14, 2008


Every once in a while I begin to think about the things I MUST get done and wonder how in the world it is going to happen. This is a frequent occurrence for people-pleasers. I happen to be a recovering people-pleaser so it doesn't happen to me as often as it used to. However the nature of my  job requires different levels of productivity depending on the events on campus. For example: in the next week and a half we will be not only checking students out of the dorms but cleaning and preparing dorms for students staying after April 27th, and then preparing for those students to move out and such. You would think that this would be an easy deal. It happens every year, I should be prepared. This is logical. And so I am prepared. It is an easy deal. But the level at which my productivity must rise to is like listening to a tea kettle that is about to boil over. And so I whip out the DON'T PANIC!!! list. This is a list that my sister (God bless her) introduced to me. This list consists of four categories: Important-Urgent, Important-Non-Urgent, Have To Do, and Need To Do. I'm sure this is not a new concept. It's a way to prioritize one's time. But I assure you that it will save my sanity in the next 2 weeks.

I love my sister!


suzylu said...

Do we ever "recover"? My husband has been trying for years to get me to make the same kind of list - he calls it something different - and I'm sure it would be helpful - I'm just so lazy about lists! I've started several in the past couple of weeks and keep finding the around the house - and in the laundry. BUT - you go girl! I'll be praying for peace, and sanity, for the next couple of weeks =)

Jessica Bolt said...

That's my kind of list...Have to be awake every two hours (functioning, to give meds and take temps) and sleeping in between, those are urgent. The rest is not urgent. I hope you have the best next couple of weeks possible...Miss you and love you!