Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy, An Understatement

You could say that life has been busy lately. This is one of the busy parts of the year which is punctuated by a couple of events that I didn't anticipate a month ago and so my attention can only be spent on the things that matter. - Luckily I've been able to find time to tend some of the roses on campus which I thoroughly enjoyed doing with my mom last week when they came to visit. (I love my mom and dad!) - There has been one fun trip to the swimming pool so far with one planned for Friday. - Singing with eP is always a pleasurable experience and I get to do it three evenings next week! - Spending time with my friend Suzy. - A trip to Mount Saint Helens. What a day! - PSP. - My Miss Nona. - And my best friend, Logan. - Sparklers with the boys. - Kung Fu Panda (Hilarious!). - Working out (this is week 14). 

Then there's life: work, packing to move across campus, work, cleaning and work.

For a brief moment I forgot that it is an election year. That was  a truly blissful moment.

Right now, I'm blogging when I should be folding laundry. There are two loads in the dryers, one in the washer, two on my couch and I have to get it done tonight because they tomorrow are taking out the units we have downstairs so they can be replaced. 6am is going to come very soon. My friend Kristi and Logan both posted on the choices people make. I am busy. This is true. So I make the choice to be un-busy at some point in each day, to give my undivided attention to each of my three boys for a while. That is the second most important thing of the day. The first is checkin' in with God; in prayer, in scripture and believe it or not in my work outs. - The rest are details... that keep me busy for the rest of the 18 waking hours a day.


kristicw said...

My mom and I were just commenting today on the beautiful rose bushes on campus. I love the orange one out in front. Good work! :-)

You are so very busy, but you continue to find ways to bless others in big and little ways.

suzylu said...

just thinking of you my friend =0) I hope that in our busy lives we continue to 'choose' to spend time with our friends - even for if it is just long enough to give a hug, vent some frustrations, share a laugh (or tear), and know there is someone there who cares - thank you!

Cheryl Russell said...

I really appreciate your focus on family Leah! Hope we get to see you all soon!