Monday, September 8, 2008

In Twitter Fashion

Writing in Twitter fashion. Busy is an understatement. 

-Made it through August without loosing my mind... mostly.
-Getting back into work outs. Mom suggested counting this as week 20 instead of week 1. Good advice not to ignore work already accomplished.
-Hubby and boys are great, minus the head-wound Kevin got from the corner of the tampon dispenser in the Library bathroom. OUCH buddy!!
-Week 20 Day 1: Water Aerobics w/a chick who has to read notes off of 3x5 cards to direct the class... Thinking about applying to teach the class myself. 
-Spent $100 on new shoes instead of $10.00 to go to the doc + countless $$ for unnecessary P.T. for plantar faceitis. - It's true.
-Celebrating 8 years married to my only love, Tomorrow!
-Excited to see what God has in store for family, friends and PUMP. God is good!

35 minutes to leave time for the evening. Gotta get going. - Love you all!!


suzylu said...

so excited to have you back - even in twitter fashion =) Congrats on your anniversary!

Cheryl Russell said...

Yeay, you're back! Congratulations, on your anniversary! Poor Kevin, those darn tampon dispensers! I really appreciate you and Suzy for your prayers, love and support! Feeling very thankful today! Love ya!