Thursday, November 6, 2008

A moment with Fiona...

"What cha doin'?" Fiona asked me this morning.

"I'm cleaning up," I reply.

"No, what cha doin' in a pinsess 'ess?" she asks pointing to our wedding photo with her cute little lithp.

I pick her up to get a closer look.

"Oh!.. A pitty pinsess 'ess!" she says, "What's this?"

"That is the day Mr. Logan and I got married. We belong to each other."

"Who is that?" she asks pointing to a two year old Kaytlyn, now 10.

"That is 'Tata', Kevin and Nolan's cousin. And that is Caden, our friend."

"Tata... Caden... that's your Logan."

"That's my Logan."

"Pitty dess."

"Thank you."


Thank you, my sweet Fiona, for sharing a moment in memories with me. I was a princess that day... and still feel like a princess. My prince... my Logan... is the love of my life... my knight. 

Lord, bless our little girls as they grow... that they may become women of faith and faithfulness... that their knights may be servants of the one true King... that they would find bliss in belonging to each other... and you.


Ellie said...

Oh my...

and Amen

Cheryl Russell said...

That is sooooooo cute!

Jessica Bolt said...

I love that girly...Especially when she curls up with me like today!

Jesica said...

Hi Leah !

I've been reading your blogs - here and at the Obedience School. But I never commented, because I wasn't sure you'd know who I was.

Thank you for the prayers. Through it all, I KNOW it's the prayers that help. :)