Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Missing You

We missed you on Saturday. Jordan and Andrea got married, but you already know that don't you? Andrea was beautiful and Jordan was so handsome and "grown up". - I've only ever known Andrea as an adult so maybe that's why I was so giggly about my "little cousin" getting married. And to even see him dancing... what a sight!

When the grandparents were seated, I thought of you. But I thought you would be happy that Mr. and Mrs. Green sat in your place. ~ When Jack stood up at the front to welcome the bride and groom into the circle of matrimony I thought of you. I thought of my wedding and your place there, and I missed you here. ~ And when the M.C. talked about the quilt that was passed down through generations for the new Crofts, I thought of you. ~ When I looked around at all of our families that were there, all of the grandparents in our family now and the new generations getting their "good clothes" all grassy, arm wrestling at our feet and throwing rocks in the fountain... I thought of you. How you would have liked to see the incredible arrangements on the tables, Andrea's bouquet and the boutonnieres. Mom and Janie crafted the flowers, they were beautiful.

When I drove by your old house on Everson Goshen Road, I thought of you... I couldn't tell if the little play house was still there without going into the yard. And I didn't think the owners would appreciate a grown woman milling around on their property... looking starry eyed with memory and emotion. So I just imagined that it's still there and spent some time enveloped in memories... of playing soft ball with Leonard, motorcycle rides with Neal, tea and crackers in the play house, picnic lunches in the woods, picking and eating the blackberries in the woods...

I don't know when I'll be back up that way, but I do know that I love thinking about you.


Anonymous said...

My dear Leah,
Thank you for you words. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your life.I have had a busy day. Week. Month. With you words you have brought me to tears and back to joy.

Love you

Kathy said...

Leah, If I were the current owner of the property you mentioned and if the playhouse were still there, I would have been thrilled and honored to have you stop and visit.What sweet memories!

suzylu said...

thank you for sharing your memories with us. You are precious, my friend =)

suzylu said...

thank you for sharing your memories with us. You are precious, my friend! Love you.