Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things I have learned in the last three days...

That walking away from the computer and email for two days is not greater than or equal to the world falling down around one's ears.
One's self image can be corrected with a full length mirror and a good light.
That yelling at one's kids is neither helpful or healthy.
Luna was right, "No matter where it is, home is a wonderful place."
The whole of one's meaningful worldly possessions really can fit in one bag...
...and that a good bag will have at least one good Post-It pocket.
One cannot catch up on sleep.
Grape vines are a wonderful metaphor for the way Jesus grows, or wants to grow in one's life. The vines are deeply rooted and reach all the way through the branches, curling and intertwining itself to make it stronger.

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Cheryl Russell said...

Great lessons Leah. Of course it does help if you are looking up that full length mirror instead of down!