Friday, December 28, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

A new adventure awaits us. As we move into 2013 I am keenly aware that there were so many ways that 2012 was not all it could have been. I am determined not to repeat the same frustrations, confusions, heartaches and failures. The beginning is in recognizing that I cannot do it on my own. Without God I can do nothing. But with Him all things are possible. 

I think I'll make posts to this blog again. Since the age of Facebook dawned in my life I haven't taken the time to write anything of real substance, instead choosing to share life in 150 characters or less on snapshots of my day or happenings. But I have a lot to write about. I think it will be helpful in my "self-guided-therapy". But I don't mind sharing it with a fair few people. I just don't care to share everything on Facebook.

I begin with a goal. I've learned a lot about goals from my soon-to-be-former-boss, Alisha. Form a vision, set a goal, identify the method(s)/action items, gather the tools you need, name your fears/myths, bust the myths and get going. 

My goal beginning now (not as a "new year resolution") is to feel confident and strong in my mind, body and spirit. I've set methods, am gathering the tools, named my fears/myths, busted those and am getting started. One such method is this blog. 

I will share this: one of my greatest fears is failure. I've started this before and flopped. I've tried this tons of times and simply forgotten about it. I will loose momentum. It's going to hurt. These are all things that are part of that fear of failure. But I want SO desperately to break out of the cycle of frustration, missed opportunities, heartache and confusion. I will face this fear. With God I can do anything. 

I've shared my goal. I'll spare any readers out there with the methods, tools and fears or myths. But I'll share my myth busters... to keep me thinking about them and maybe offer a little encouragement... 

Failure can only be validated by choosing not to get back up and try again. 

You can make time for anything that really matters to you.

Keeping goals and methods in front of you can help drive momentum.

Cold? Layer up and get moving! 

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

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