Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No News

We have been wrapped up in finding our new "normal" now that school is in full swing for everyone. And since I don't have the use of my Mac right now I'll be posting less. But I will be sure to post things on the boys' blog about Kevin's preschool and about our home schooling adventures.

And lately I've felt the need to stimulate my brain. I'm actually going to try my hand at reading... yep reading. It's certainly not my favorite past time. In fact, I would rather do dishes than read, but I feel like I have severely dumbed down since... highschool. So here I go.

I might have a book review to post next... in a few... weeks. :)

Stay tuned.


kristi w said...

What are you reading? What are you interested in reading? I have some good ones I'd love to share sometime...after you finish your current one. No rush! :-)

Ellie said...

Oh Leah, Leah. I have no idea what it feels like not to care for reading. *smile* I'll be praying it goes well!

Jessica Garrett said...

I'll let the reading issue slip for the time being as I have a more important issue to discuss. Okay, so not really discuss - I just wanted to say thanks for the hug and kind words on Sunday. Shaun and I have really missed PUMP this summer and are glad to know that at least part of PUMP missed us two.

That said, I hope you fall in love with reading!

Leah said...

I haven't chosen anything to read yet. The task seems insurmountable to me. Logan just finished "Bringing Up Boys" and has had some profound parent-style-changing moments. I might start with that one, but Kristi I would love to hear about what you have.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...