Monday, February 25, 2008

Blue Screen of Death

For all of you out there who have experienced the blue screen of death I can say that I feel your pain. Logan sat down at the computer for a liesurly stroll on the world wide web to be met with the blasted blue screen. Several attempts to reformat this and reboot that have proven to be in vain and so I am sitting at his work computer sending any emails that may be pertinent to the next 24 hours and thinking to myself that, "'s just a computer... it's just a computer".

There are pros and cons to the whole thing.

Good: I still have access to email that does not require a trip to the library or someone's home to check my email.
Bad: I cannot check email during nap time or do any work stuff as is usually the case during nap.
Good: I will not have the option of computerized distraction during the day.
Bad: I will not be able to play music from iTunes.
Good: My Mac should be in my hands by this time next week so I know that this is a temporary mality.
Bad: Now we have to decide if we need to buy a new computer... or not.
Good: I won't have to shop for the computer. Logan will take care of that... if we decide to get one.

See? There are more good things than bad things. I think we're doing pretty good.

The one thing that bites though is that we've lost all of our most recent pictures. Logan has the rest backed up, but there were some pretty cute ones on the computer that I can't get to now.

The lesson? I don't even know. Is there a lesson in this? I'm not worried about it. I just have to alter my time management so that I can fulfill my job duties. That's kind of inconvenient. The altering, not the job duties.

So, I'm signing off for now... I won't know if you comment until I can check my blog again... later. So thanks in advance if you comment... most of them will probably be encouraging and sympathetic, so thanks for that too.

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Maridy Carpenter said...

Ick! Not fun. I know I would hate to lose my pictures. At least I upload a lot of the cutest ones to my blog so if anything happened, at least I'd have those. Here's hoping you get it all resolved soon.