Monday, May 5, 2008


To all who are weary and those who are heavy laden,
Lay at the feet of the one who loves you best.
Bring all of your trials and all of your tribulation,
Come unto me and I will give you rest.

I will give you rest!

Take my yoke upon you, come and learn from me.
For I am humble in spirit, and so you must also be.
And lo I will be with you in the midst of every test. 
If you run unto me, I will give you rest!

I will give you rest!

Big Daddy Weave - One and Only 

If you have it, listen to it again. If you don't  you should get this Big Daddy Weave CD.

Good music


Cheryl Russell said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this bit of encouragement!

Ellie said...

Love you Leah. Lifting you in prayer always.