Friday, May 2, 2008


Things have settled down. Students have checked out of the dorms and life isn't as hectic as it has been since about February 20th. I can finally think about things other than my family and my job, though both are of course still a priority. 

All of the things I have felt great guilt about putting off can consume my thoughts and time. They are all things that I love or am committed to, which the latter would require at least a little bit of love, so I am glad to be giving them my attention.

I miss my family. We are going up to my parents' house next weekend. We're going to a T-Ball game of my niece Abby's, having a BBQ and just having a good time. - I love it!!

I miss my other family. But we are going to see them in June so I am glad about that. It's always like going home when we go to Logan's parents' house... just different. In June it should be super sunny during the day with a sky full of stars at night. The kids will play in the yard, we will sit and sip iced tea and talk about things or play games. Love that too!

And I miss my friends. Kristi, Suzy, Kaelea, Traci and others that I haven't been able to spend much time with at all. I will be able to have people over to visit and not feel preoccupied with work business or get knocks on the door from students needing something. And BABY TUCKER!!, whenever that kid decides to make his/her entrance (and I'm leaning towards the "his"), will be a very GREAT day! I can't wait.

I am ready for sunny weather and not this crazy weather we've had going on: sunny one minute and monsoon rain the next, but predictable sunny days. I am ready to get the sprinkler out for Kevin and Nolan and sit in my chair and relax outside. I am ready for some sun!

I have also been on my knees for my family, friends and PUMP. Everyone seems to be going through some sort of tough thing, and I just need to be in prayer for people. So if you are reading this I probably know who you are and you can rest in knowing you are carried to The Throne often. 

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Cheryl Russell said...

Hey! Glad to hear that things are slowing down. Hope you had a great time with family. We love and miss you guys!