Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Scarlet Thread

If ever there was a woman who knows my heart on the deepest levels it is my mother. I have thought for a long time that my aunt Janie new me better than my mother but I know now that it is my mother who knows me best and my aunt because she shares a grandma rights with my mother and that they are best friends and talk about everything including me. 

My mom has recommended several books to me, all but two I have read, and all of the ones I have read I have been affected by. "The Scarlet Thread" is one of them. Francine Rivers writes the inner dialogue for her characters the way I hear my own inner dialogue (is that T.M.I.?) It is because of this I am inthralled with her books.

I'm not one for book reviews, but I will say that this book has influenced the way I think about my relationship with God and my husband. I find myself extremely grateful for both and desire to show them my gratitude. If you read this blog every once in a while or more then you probably know Logan too. He's not much for mushy stuff so I'll just have to send him out the door with his golf clubs to go hit a bucket-o-balls or not complain when he's watching grass grow- I mean watching golf. 

And if you are a spouse, will be or hope to be a spouse or know someone who is a spouse this is a great book to read. I found myself resisting the real life lessons that can be taken from this book and have spent some time in thought and prayer about them. Maybe I'll share that journey another time. 

I had the time to read while we were on vacation. I don't know how much time I'll have in the coming weeks, but I hope to read "First Light" by Thoene. Another book given to me by my mom. 

Love you MOM!!

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Thinkin Kristian said...

Read it, Loved It! Francine Rivers is one of my FAVORITE authors. Ive read all her stuff, wish she would write more!!!