Monday, June 2, 2008

So after a few days of prep we had a yard sale on Friday evening and Saturday. It was pretty successful, and a break from the normal summer time jive that we have around here. It was good to thin out our belongings and make some more space in our little home, but I found myself strangely attached to things I don't logically need any more. When a woman bought our little umbrella stroller for three dollars I watched her strap her two year old daughter into it and walk away and I thought to myself, "She doesn't have any idea how many memories are sitting in that stroller." My mind flooded with trips to the mall, walks to the park, zoo excursions and even ways to transport the children on campus (and keep them contained). I saw our boys, little and barely walking, in it and remembered those times. - So I had a bit of sorrow... just a for a fleeting moment... and wished the woman and little girl well. They needed that stroller (and I don't any more) and they got a good deal on it.

We sold toys and a pack-n-play, books and bed sets all wrapped up with memories. And I realized that I had held on to those things so that I wouldn't forget the memories made with them. So instead of lamenting over things that I don't need I'll work on writing some memories down, of times and experiences, so that I don't feel like I've lost them.

Then on Sunday Logan and I went to the movies... but not together. He went first and then I went when he got home. He had the idea and I was glad of it. I like going to movies by myself with my own popcorn and soda... and a few Hot Tomales. And I love watching the movie without having to think about the person beside me. Logan understands this and so we were both blessed with a little time a lone. We even saw the same movie (Narnia: Prince Caspian) which we then talked about after I got home. :) It was great!

I sacrificed a bit of time to do that though... there are a lot of things I need to get done. I thought the time of the "Don't Panic List" was over, but I will have to get it out again. And perhaps it is time to re-evaluate my time commitments again.

And I have begun strength training on top of my daily work outs. This is week 9. I have not lost any pounds yet but I have lost 3.75 inches. That is enough to boost my ambitions and maybe start counting calories. That's not supposed to be until the next phase of the book I'm reading ("Never Say Diet" by Chantel Hobbs) but we'll see. - The best part about it is that I feel better daily and that is worth every minute and every inch. 

So there's a short update. Next week we are on vacation and I am looking forward to it A LOT! We will be unplugged and unavailable to most people in the world. Before that I have a lot to get done. I think by the time we get to vacation I will be exhausted... the good kind where you feel like you have accomplished much. 


suzylu said...

I love going to movies by myself - I should work something out with Lan - maybe after he plays bball +) And I know what you mean about the kids. I brought out some old pictures of the girls to see which one J looked most like and was reminded at how small, cute and somewhat containable they were. How time flies...

ccasper said...

Hi Sunshine,
Interesting perspective on sacrifice. Try thinking the other way around. Getting to go to the movie by yourself is prime time! All the other that ties you up with work is sacrifice.
Hmm...the day we sold our unbrella stroller at the yard sale, I was already pregnant with your little brother....we bought it back.......?......nah.

Cheryl Russell said...

Excellent! I hope you have a fun and relaxing vacation! Give the boys a hug from us!