Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Old Friend

I scampered up the little metal steps excitedly and there she was, washing dishes. The sound of the water pump whirring and the clank of the metal sink with the utensils was comfortingly familiar. Directly to my right, the carpeted steps up to the bed. In front of me, the cream and brown striped couch-bed. To my left, the kitchen fit for one person with a table and two cushiony bench seats set for four. Out of the miniature refrigerator/freezer came the ice cream, chocolate sauce and freshly ground walnuts. The perfect treat for "a break". The whole place smelled like their home on Orchard Avenue in Grand Junction. They had brought their home to us, for a visit and most excitedly, a sleep over. 

After our break I knitted with her and followed him around. There were wash cloths to make or sweaters to finish and leveling to do, anchoring to put into place or a truck to turn around... and around... and around. And after all of that and dinner we would fold down the couch-bed and get ready for the sleep over... of course, after we watched "Dallas".

Then my old friend would appear, soft and snugly, smelling of fabric softener mixed with their home. Memories and feelings would flood my mind and my heart and I would feel that peaceful contentedness. Being with family, being warm, being comfortable.

That was so long ago... 

I remember sleep overs as young as 5 years old... and my friend was there with me every time. So when they were no more and new places were found for the things from their home, I took my friend to live with me and until yesterday it was with me in my home... through moves, new life, life lost, life lived and remembered I have had my friend by my side. A comfort really, nothing extravagant or extraordinary... just comfort. 

But my old friend is worn and weary. I have loved all of the comfort out of it and it is beginning to come apart. So I have washed it and folded it and tucked it away in a place of rest and protection so that it doesn't fade away completely. - I have been surprisingly emotional about putting my old friend away. It has wrapped my shoulders in warmth and security in many different things in life, provided comfort in it's silky folds and even comfort to ill babies... because it smelled of fabric softener and home

I'm sure I will take it out from time to time... to remember life lived, loved and lost... to think about Grandmother and Grandpa, the home they brought to us, and the memories we shared... remembering and missing... and loving. In silky peace and comfort and warmth.


kcasper said...

My dearest morning star,
I love you so.
Thank you for bringing precious memories back within reach.

Love Dad

Cheryl Russell said...

Sounds amazing! What blessings!

Jessica Bolt said...