Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a game!

I don't watch or understand most of the things that happen in a football game. I like to spend time with the people I know who like it so I ask questions about why things happen and about the rules, but left to my own devices I would not necessarily choose to watch football. Personally football ranks right under golf for the most boring sports to watch (sorry football fans). Maybe that's why it's so easy for me to nap on the couch while it's on. But the game that just ended between Chicago and Atlanta was pretty amazing. Chicago came back and made a touch down with 11 seconds left in the fourth quarter leaving the game at Chicago 20 / Atlanta 19. Just when you think the game is over, with 11 seconds Atlanta both made a long play that landed them halfway to the goal posts AND with 1 second left made a 48 yard kicking attempt and made it! 

That was pretty darn amazing whether you like football or not. 


Kristi said...

I didn't catch that game, but HOLY SMOKES!, the Cowboys just performed a similar breath-taking ending to get the game into overtime. How can you not love this?? :-)

suzylu said...

sounds like a great game. And you should try to watch golf sometime - it's not really as boring as you think ;)