Friday, August 24, 2007


Has it really been that long since I posted last? Wow! 

Welp, the following statements are mostly true... 
The freshmen are moved in. 
Returning students will arrive tomorrow. 
We are done with the busiest part of the year.
And we are ready for the year.  
Everyone that lives in our apartment is weary but healthy. 

I am glad that I have the kids I have. Kevin provides a bit of comic relief at just the right moments and Nolan is always full of snuggles.

We're in the home stretch!!!


Kathy said...

Yeah!! You have overcome the adversity. Regarding the little superheroes--I believe the proper pronounciation is "chokit mok". It is the perfect remedy for all that ails one. :-)

kristi w said...

You have survived! Good work-