Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So I thought I had a meeting with the President (of Cascade) today so I was gearing up for it... because I've never had a "real job" before this one (since caring for 20 preschoolers at any given time isn't a real job)... where there are meetings and reports and hoo-dee-doo as those who have never had a real job call it... a certain propriety as it is in the business world... and I had my excel sheet all pretty and my outfit picked out (because you don't wear jeans and a t-shirt to the president's office, right?) and I was ready. Then my phone rings. It's Becca who is calling to say that my information doesn't match up. Look at my watch... ONE hour until the meeting. My "apple"+F key comes in handy, I fix the problem and we're back in business. Still planning to WOW the President with my spreadsheet... I'd found a babysitter (thank you Elice), I was getting ready and my email dings...

*ding* (sorry no real sound)

It's from my boss who says that I don't have to go to "the meeting". Insert self dialog:

What? No meeting? What about my spreadsheet? What about my outfit? That means I don't get to go to the President's office... bummer. ..... Who's going to take my spreadsheet?

And after all of that build up, a colleague of mine took all of the spread sheets and the meeting lasted about an hour. Done deal. 

I understand that all of my information was in order. At least I can put that minute bit of experience under my "real world" belt.



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Rebecca said...

It really wasn't very exciting... and I wore a jean skirt to the meeting. :)