Monday, August 6, 2007


This post has been edited for content because I was really irritated yesterday and said some things on this post that were "ugly". No one was at fault and the help I had was GREAT. 

God, forgive me for my quick and rude tongue. I do not intend to offend others. Please help me to be sweet in speach, slow to anger, and patient in waiting on your provision.

So I spent the day today painting in our dorm for the "all hands on deck" work day on campus. I thought it would be a good idea to be helpful so at 9am off I went, with boys in tow, to join the work party. After hanging some mirrors with the hot new facilities director (my husband) I headed off to my dorm to paint. - After going to Rodda to get paint for said job I began to paint and noticed that it didn't quite match. Insert internal dialogue:

What does this can say? "Popcorn" (and a bunch of numbers)

What does that can say? "Popcorn" (and a bunch of numbers)

Oh, that's okay. It'll probably blend as it dries.

I continued to paint. I painted, Kevin "painted", Nolan painted... his face. I washed Nolan and set him to the task of identifying shapes on Blue's Clues. I painted. I fed the boys. I fed me. I painted, and painted and painted and found myself painting alone because everyone was missing their ties and skirts and decisions.

And then the hot facilities guy came in and said, "Those don't match" which point I decided he was just the facilities guy.

Five hours into the job I am irritated, hot, tired, and thinking of all of the other things I could have been doing today to get ready for the year. Who cares about the blinkin' walls anyway?

Apparently the "bunch of numbers" matter. 

Imagine that.

P.S. The facilities guy surprised me with a date. - He's hot.


Aimee Jo said...

I'm glad that you got a good date with a hot guy--that makes up for just about anything!

Rebecca said...

Hey, we've all had our days!