Friday, November 16, 2007


For the past year Kevin has been consistent and ethusiastic about proclaiming every Sunday morning that he is four when the "kids five years old or younger" are dismissed to go downstairs during the sermon. Many times I hang my head in embarassment because no matter how many times we tell him that everyone knows he's four, he must prove it by waving four skinny fingers in the air and pronouncing his age to Ike as he turns the corner to go.

Now, Kevin is five. I was shocked into awareness of this day this morning at 5am as I heard my son running through the sea of balloons blown up last night for his special day. ~ Fitting. ~

We spent the morning at the Zoo where we saw bats, snakes, crocodiles and polar bears, ate $20.00 worth of hotdog and chicken salad (that'll get you only two hot dogs and a wilted salad, by the way), escaped the gift shop with one new buddy each, and giggled all the way home. Kevin then got to play all afternoon with his friend Caden and then we had Pizza Schmizza for dinner (loved it).

It was "Do-whatever-Kevin-wants-to-do Day" so I focused on saying "yes" to as much as I possibly could. We pittled around and looked longer at animals than usual, stood at the tidal pool spot so he could get sprayed a couple times, looked around the gift shop longer than usual, and went puddle hopping (I get the cool-mom point for that one). And we watched movies, made cookies, and played computer games together, not to mention the countless board games and legos that got played with today.

We ended it with Kevin in my lap where I remembered out loud for him the day he was born, what that meant to me, and what it was like to meet him. I made up a song for him at his request and talked about each of his birthdays and where we lived at those times.

It has been a full, fun-filled day. I dream of the days when my only focus is on him and Nolan... and I can say yes to requests for more time at any given activity much more than I can now.

This year I look forward to Kevin learning to read, ride a bike without training wheels, spring soccer little-league and his social development. This Sunday I look forward to him excitedly waving his hand to announce, "I'm FIVE!"


Kenli Shea said...

I can hear him now yelling, "I'm five!" Wish I could there to hear in person. As for the last post on Nolan. It was perfect. You are a great mother. That post will mean the world to him when he gets older. I just adore that little guy and miss his hugs and holding him during church. Man, do I miss that a ton. I almost hopped on a plane after reading that post just to see Nolan man. Love you guys. Tell the boys hello and give them hugs and love for me. Love you and Logan too. Take care.

Sarah Megan said...

Oh man, I wish I could be there to hear him announce his new age
What a sweet boy you have, Leah.
I cannot wait to see you guys in about a month!


Ellie said...

*smile* I'm sure it was a great moment this morning.
I'm glad his birthday wasn't filled with sickness. Sounds like you guys had a great time.
Love you lots.