Monday, November 26, 2007


I did it! I read a whole book... the whole thing! Cover to cover... front to back.

I don't know how to paste a picture of the book on my blog. (I'll have to read up on how to do that!) But the book is called, "Total Money Makover" by Dave Ramsey. Not a romantic selection for my first book in ten years but a good on none the less. I won't clog the blog by giving a review of it (yet) but I just had to post this as soon as I got done with it.

Having felt accademically incapable and inadequate for so long this is quite an accomplishment for me. And it's just the beginning.

Now, "YOU on a Diet" by Dr. Oz. Both books are gifts from my mom. What a wonderful woman! She tried to get me to love books when I was young(er). And in her desire to continue to help me on my journey she's given me books that I think (she knows) are helpful to say the very least. ~ She's always known just what I need. ~

So in my triumph, with the camera trained on my close up, and the whole world watching I say, "Thanks Mom!!"


James Wood said...

Dude! The Total Money Makeover changed our marriage. It's totally not romantic, but we hardly ever fight about money and we're on the same page about our long term goals. It's great. I highly recommend it (but only if both people are on board - it can't be just one person who wants to do it).

Leah said...

You are right! Logan read it first. We are on Baby Step 1 but I am all fired up about the idea of being debt free. And we have found peace in having a map to follow on a path that we'd begun before reading the book. It's great.

Rebecca said...

Congrats! Here's to many more happy reads!