Monday, July 9, 2007


Fasting is a spiritual discipline that I have never found the strength to begin. It doesn't seem to me to be optional as far as Jesus is concerned ("When you fast..."). But I have had it in my mind that when you fast you don't eat. That has never been a good idea for me, being hypo-glycemic and prone to headaches. But in discussion with my husband about it he made the comment," You don't have to fast from food... you can fast from whatever gets in the way of a better relationship with God or what hinders you from keeping the 'flesh' in check."

My first thought was, "How could I be so naive?" But my naivety is in direct proportion to my spiritual maturity. That, I think, is why God puts people in our lives to guide us through it (older teaching younger etc. etc.) and encourage us on to a more mature relationship with Christ. For that I am grateful.

I am not sure what my first fast will be from or when I'll do it. And I won't write about it. That's not the point. I just wanted to write about something that is relevant to me at this moment.

Do you fast? Maybe that's too personal of a question. God seems to want us to keep that to ourselves. But in the realm of guidance on the subject... do you have any?


kristi w said...

Diet Pepsi? :-)

I've had similar reasons for not regular fasting in the past (blood sugar issues), so I don't have a lot of experience in it. But this year I have taken some baby steps - fasting for a meal or a day and spending that time in prayer. I'd love to say that it was a miraculous experience, but I don't know that it is supposed to be (or maybe it is and I just haven't been in the right place spiritually??).

I hope you can find new ways to be in deeper communion with our Savior.

Leah said...

Be still my heart!!!

Kristi, you know me too well. It would truly be a sacrifice for me.

I will consider it.

You bless me with your words!!