Monday, July 2, 2007

To Slide Or Not To Slide

A great milestone has been reached. After months of contemplation and asking permission (always granted) Kevin finally did it. There is a really tall play structure at the school yard near our house which has a very straight and very slick slide attached to it. You know what I'm talking about; the metal, burn-your-legs-if-you-have-shorts-on kind of slide. Like I said, he's been contemplating the slide for months... every time asking for permission which I give him. Some times he would stand on the platform a couple feet back and look at it. Some times he would go up to the edge and look down the slide... and even once before today he sat down at the top and then scooted back and went the other way. But today he must have been feeling like a bit more of a super hero, or maybe it was because he'd warmed up to it just enough but he went down. The first time it looked like he was going to pee his pants. He zoomed off the end, ran a little bit to slow down the momentum and then just looked at me while he tried to catch his breath... And then it happened; the smile of accomplishment.

After that he went down a few more times, each time with the question, "Did you see me Mom? Did you see me?"

That's my boy!


Ellie said...

I can totally picture him doing that! Man I miss those cute boys of yours. *smile*
After much time of saying I'll visit and everything getting in the way...I'll see you tomorrow night at Kerry and Karla's!
Love you all,

ccasper said...

I remeber a little girl that screamed for her life with a beautiful butterfly perched on the tip of her shoe. I remember a little boy who decided if the early bird gets the worm it was best not to be the worm. I remember a little girl that made it her job to sit by her baby brother's bed and read to him when he was brought home from the hospital.
As our children grow and our relationships change, God keeps us amused, in awe, and sometimes broken hearted. In all this we may catch a glimpse or even a panoramic view of our relationship with Him.
Enjoy your time and learn as you go, My Little Butterfly Girl.


Leah said...

Ladies and Gentlemen... my mom.

(above comment)