Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's Here!!!

My new computer arrived yesterday. It's been quite an ordeal to learn. I feel a bit overwhelmed. But I am excited and VERY fortunate to know a couple Mac users who have shown me around.

I am impressed with the way you can open and close programs, the efficiency of internet use and capabilities, the ability to keep track of the blogs I read without surfing for hours, the professional quality documents it creates, the seamless calander program, and the fact that I can go wireless whereever I am. But the thing that sold me on it... the thing that made up my mind about spending ungodly amounts of money and learning a new operating system... digital stickie notes. Did you catch that? DIGITAL STICKIE NOTES!!!! (I know!!)

Thank you Allan for setting me up with some very "elegant" programs and short cuts. Thank you Jessi for the Office:mac download. And thank you Logan for being a gentleman and letting the lady get her mac first.

I would insert a picture of a macbook but I don't know how to do that yet.... but I have a GREAT program for it!!!

So now I'm off to bed. This has been a busy day.

Good night Safari. Good night Finder. Good night Pages. Good night John boy.

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