Sunday, July 15, 2007


I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking when I was excited about today because everything I thought I was getting into today was NOTHING like I expected. It was better.

I remember a time when my brother and sister and I were much younger. We lived in West Seattle and went to Alki beach (when it was safe to do so) and we played in the water. My sister and I would go out far enough and stand facing the shore so that the waves would wash over us as they came in. We never lost our footing but we could feel the rush of water come up around our shoulders and sometimes around our heads. - That rush of coolness surrounding me... that's what it was like at PUMP today. There was such a "joyful noise" that it just swirled around me...

I have never been made breathless by music before today.

THEN there was the camp we sang at. That just ROCKED. From the parking lot at Cascade to setting up to mic checks to SANGIN' to dinner at Red Robin and all the laughs in between... Thank you AFA, Cherrone, Jason and Ike. What a ride. - THIS is what we moved to Portland for.

Now, off to bed. I have to meet Mac tomorrow.


Jason Hill said...

ditto. (Except for the part about the breathless, morning praise, mine was a bit more subdued than that.)

Glad you are with us on this stuff.

Big Mike Lewis said...

I wish I could sang more...sadly I don't think many people really want to sing with me. I think I sing great.