Sunday, July 15, 2007

On Singing

Singing has always been a part of my life. It just has. Sunday morning, Wednesday night (when I went to a church with a schedule like that), choir in school, choir in college, various singing groups that practiced in the bathroom in Sanders Hall (you know who you are!), at PUMP which is different than any other "church" experience I've had. - And now I get to sing with a group of people called enterPraise as well. Someone calls or emails the group leader, he sends out an email to all singers, they respond and based on the response, Jason takes that group and they go sing at said event. It is an incredible experience for a singer to stand up next to people they haven't talked to or seen much of and put out an incredible praise time.

Why am I writing about this? Because it's such a GOD thing... Oh sure we all have songs in common that we think and sing on from time to time. We all are pretty well rehearsed as quarterly rehearsals go. And we all are people who have been known to sing a few songs well on occassion. But the amazing part is the sound that streams out of the speakers when we start singing "I will call upon the LORD" or "Behold HE comes..." God is just amazing in the way that He brings it all together... because HE does. And every member of the group would probably agree with me. - It's pretty much amazing. And there are a few that are musical geniuses who (as my good friend Steve would say) throw down every time they sing and somehow put our music in a song along side a secular song and it works... well.

Today is one such day of the putting a group together and singing off the cuff. We are going to a camp to kick it off right and I AM STOKED!!! Not only do I get to sing today (twice) but I get to sing with my very good friend Amy and a few other people who have also been known to sing a tune from time to time.

It's gonna be SWEET!!


Tim Lewis said...

I miss it, especially being a part of EP from essentially its conception and now not being with it at all. Hows about you all move to Salem?

James Wood said...


You like to sing?


Leah said...

Hows about you and Kori move to Portland?