Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fire Works

As we drove home from Life Group last night, while talking about watching fireworks on TV Kevin saw some fireworks burst in the air and squeeled with great joy. Then he got quiet which meant that he fell asleep or was thinking about something. A few minutes later he said, "Dad... why is it called 'works'?"

What a thinker.

Stumped and giving me the "okay, know-it-all, chime in here" look he replied with the standard Dad-doesn't-really-know response, "I guess we'll have to find out."

So my question to you, Why is it called fire "works"?


James Wood said...

I'll give you some options - you choose what "works" best for you.

a) Just like a pizza with everything on it is called the 'works' so when fire is made to do all sorts of neat blowing up, it's the 'works'.

2) Fire is lazy by nature and just wants to sit around on the ground and eat logs - but on the 4th people take it and make it work.

[Random subject change]

We stopped by Cascade the other day and knocked on your door, but I guess you weren't home. We've been busy kids trying to get moved in and setteled with the Agape church. We plan on getting more involved at the college when the school year gets going.

drop me an e-mail: wood dot jt at gmail dot com.

Leah said...

Thanks James. You make a great know-it-all.

Give me a ring when you two want to come by again and we'll plan to have you for dinner.